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Fandom: Wander Over Yonder
Rating: K
Pairings: Hints of Wander/Beeza? That was the intent anyway.

Dearest Wander,

How have you been? We have found our new home on Buster to be quite a pleasant one, and are starting to feel a true sense of peace for the first time in ages. I want to again extend my deepest of thanks to you.

Beeza tapped her pen against the long scroll of parchment in her lap, looking up past the light of the collection of scented candles around her to the stars above. She knew staying up so late would not benefit her mental health - something her kind valued deeply - but even with the warm fur of Buster and the relaxing scents still roaming the air from their daily spa rituals, she couldn't sleep until she wrote him back.

When Beeza has agreed to be Wander's pen pal, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Within days, her mailbox was flooded with adventurous tales and stories about Sylvia being awesome. Every story only gave her more questions, but she tried to choose what to ask carefully. Despite how prolific Wander clearly was, she still found herself worrying she'd be a bother to him.

I'm glad Sylvia is doing well. Be sure to extend my appreciation to her as well.

I was amazed at how many adventures you had to share with me so quickly. I suppose you two move at a very different pace through life than my people do. We have yet to even fully explore our new home.

She paused again stared at the gaping empty space still on the scroll. She wanted to tell him a story. She wanted to amaze him like he amazed her every time they came in contact, but her life was just not that interesting in comparison.

She sighed, defeated.

I look forward to your next letter.



As Beeza rolled up the pithy letter and blew out the candles around her to reattempt sleep, her thoughts shifted to her people. They finally had a permanent home where they were safe to relax and live their humble lives. They were so calm and automated that without a constant battle to fight she wondered if she was really needed.

Maybe, Beeza thought as she drifted off to sleep, it was time to start her own journey to other worlds, and maybe even reunite with the boy who had made this one feel so small.

Character Spectrum Meme by Netbug009
Character Spectrum Meme
haha half these characters have never been in any actual complete/posted writing woops :B

Tip Jar
Fandom: Phineas and Ferb
Rating: K+

Word had been passed through the teachers' lounge about a pair of brothers who got up at 6am to build extraordinary things, so when Phineas and Ferb were late to their first day of school, their first-period teacher was dumbfounded. She'd expected the boys to arrive early, toolboxes in hand (even though this was history class.)

She was half right.

An hour after class begun, the loud beeping of a dump truck sounded in the schoolyard. It was loaded to the brim with binders upon binders full of APA formatted text, each numbered and labeled: "What I Did on My Summer Vacation."

"Sorry we're late," the young redhead said as he exited the passenger's side with his brother, "but the driver got stuck in rush hour, and we couldn't find another way to get our assignment here that wouldn't have taken even longer."

B is for Binders
Seriously though, DID they ever get that report done?

I already miss this show. Sigh.

[Tip Jar]
Siam 4 by Netbug009
Siam 4
SIAM Challenge: Day 4: On a (Nice Cream) Date

No RP for this one - I just like Sans/Player Character, which basically means I like Sans/Self-Insert I guess. :B
SIAM 5 by Netbug009
SIAM Challenge: Day 5: Kissing

EP and I are still trying to figure out how I wound up shipped with a Turncoat!Megatron in one of our RPs, but it has actually turned out hilarious and lead to dumb jokes like the one sketched above. 
.....soooooo tmnt 2012 and srmthg have been confirmed to exist in the same universe

i don't even have words right now
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Kelly Paradise
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm a Christian, writer, and all around geek living in the beautiful (if insane) state of Oregon. I love animation and do a bunch of silly doodling related to it.

And yes, despite my short hair and unisex drawing style, I'm most surely female. Love of pink, hopeless romantic, seeking a good husband and all that crap.

I do like people, even if I come across otherwise at times. I just tend to get caught up in the motions and get tired easily. Don't be afraid to say "hi!"

Jeremiah 1:5-8

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