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Fandom: Phineas and Ferb
Rating: K+
Ships: Phinbella
Warnings: SPOILERS for the episode “Act Your Age”

Every Friday like clockwork, Phineas and Isabella would meet up at the campus café no matter how many extra credit assignments he hadn’t finished or how much student government tried to monopolize her free time.

"One large double-shot in the dark for me, and one medium caramel chai breve with agave syrup and extra whip for the lovely lady, please.” Isabella said he didn’t have to loudly proclaim her beauty every time he ordered coffee for her, but the blush on her face betrayed her. Besides, he’d spent way too long not saying corny things like that to her.

Phineas was eternally thankful that Isabella’s patience, and not just because she’d waited over 10 years for him to return her feelings. It seemed just as miraculous that she’d put up with him for over a semester of study dates that would almost always devolve into the same thing by hour’s end: Phineas talking about memories he made with his step-brother. 

“One time Ferb..." 

“Then Ferb was like…”

“Haha, that reminds me of when Ferb…”

It’d taken him longer than it probably should have to notice the glazed look in Isabella’s eyes by ten minutes into him rambling about something he and Ferb had done as kids (which, more often than not, she’d also been around for anyway.) Once he noticed, he tried to tone in down, but more often than not time taken away from discussing Ferb was spent apologizing for going on the tangent in the first place rather than talking something Isabella was more interested in.

And that was just on their dates. He’d lost count of the number of times he’d asked Isabella to help him with a project and had called for his brother when he needed a wrench. In retrospect, he had never really thought about how the person he spent his entire childhood bouncing ideas off of every day was going to be in another country for at least four years. Compared to huddling together around a blueprint, each holding one end of a steel beam, and tossing a box of nails across the lawn, video calls left a lot to be desired.

It wasn’t until he was walking her home on a dark winter evening that he realized just how badly he’d messed up.

“Hey, are you really okay with things the way they are?” Isabella asked, tightening her shaky grip on his hand.

It was one thing for Phineas to make Isabella annoyed; that happened fairy often, and she would always explain in great detail exactly what he’d done to ruffle her feathers. It was a whole other thing for him to make Isabella worry.  “Wait, what?”

“It’s just… you two are a team. You always used to do everything together. I…” She stared at her feet, “It’s not like I wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend if we didn’t go to the same school. You could have gone to the same school as Ferb, right? I mean…”

“…Waitwaitwait.” He flailed his free hand in the air and tried to process what Isabella was saying. “…Have… you been blaming yourself for Ferb and I going to different schools?”

“Well, if the acceptance letter fi-”

“Hey, c’mere.” Phineas took Isabella’s other hand and took a step closer to her. “Ferb wanted to spend some time in the country he was born in, and I wanted to stay close to home. But even if I’d been thinking of going to school on another planet, it was my choice to go to college with you. This is what I want to do.”

“Yeah, but-“

“But nothing.” He smiled warmly. “Leave worrying about the Atlantic Ocean to me, okay? No matter what, I’m not going to lose either of my two favorite people. I promise.” He didn’t let Isabella protest before kissing her under the starry sky.

Sure, he’d recently started to realize he had the emotional empathy of a slab of concrete, and needed to work on his habit of talking like the other person wouldn’t have more than one sentence to respond with, but both he and Isabella were well aware he always kept a promise.   

Not Creepy At All by Netbug009
Not Creepy At All
Q: Where's Lord Hater?

A: Oh, y’know. On his ship, plotting to rule galaxies. Same ol’, same ol’. Captain Tim’s doing great too! :D

Ask Wander and Sylvia:
Fandom: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Rating: K+
Ships: Jay/Nya
Warnings: SPOILERS for the episode “Grave Danger”

Jay practically danced out of the First Spinjitzu Master’s tomb and onto the Destiny’s Bounty. Sure, smiles were on every one of their ragged faces with the return of Lloyd, but Nya couldn’t help think something about Jay was… over the top, even for him. She was ready to shrug it off to Jay finally having something go right after what he’d been complaining loudly about being a string of bad luck for him when his eyes locked on her as he pranced across the bridge.

She chuckled. “What’s got into you all of a sudden?”

And with a level of confidence that was very much unlike him, Jay spun around to Nya and grabbed her by her shoulders, gazing at her with a look she hadn’t seen since they’d – you could hardly call it properly breaking up – awkwardly stopped talking to each other. A look she wouldn’t admit how much she missed. A look that terrified her at the moment and made her prepare herself to punch him in the face if he tried to kiss her or something.

But Jay simply smiled and said to Nya in a quiet “as a matter of fact” fashion:

“I’m not giving up on you.”

Nya nearly fell over when Jay let go of her and continued his gallivanting towards the mess hall like nothing had happened. She stood on the deck for a while, dumbfounded by both Jay’s demeanor and how fast her heart was racing.



I desperately need a new computer. Both my current Mac and Windows computers are from 2009 and it’s by the grace of God neither has broken yet. It’s to the point where doing much of anything on them beyond having a few tabs open is likely to cause the entire thing to freeze up for 10 minutes or just not work. Some of you have seen just how much trouble it is when I’ve tried to do Twitch streams, for example. Opening Word is becoming an event too. -_-;

I’m going to be working hard this summer to save up for a new computer that will meet all my needs as a student and a content creator, but any donations towards the new rig would be greatly appreciated. Every dollar really does help; I put a lot of time and effort into being as frugal about my new computer budget as I can (the details about it are on the donation page.) 

If somehow this campaign really blows up and I meet all my stretch/upgrade goals, additional funds will go right into my tuition/education expenses. So yeah, I promise not to waste your money on a mini-fridge full of kombucha. Tempting, but no. I will update the gofindme page as often as I can showing purchases made using donations so people know money is going where it should.

And now, the cliche pathos: I don’t make much of anything from running a blog, creating fanfic, and all that stuff obviously. I’m not even much of a visual artist to have the chance to raise some funds doing commissions. Blah blah emotional appeal blah. I know not every one of my followers will be able to donate, but on a fun theoretical standpoint: if everyone donated a dollar I’d be set WITH stretch goals. If you can’t donate, reblogging alone is a HUGE help. Prayers are also greatly valued.

TL;DR: Please support my creative work and my education. I promise not to waste a single dollar of it!


Kelly Paradise
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm a Christian, writer, and all around geek living in the beautiful (if insane) state of Oregon. I love animation and do a bunch of silly doodling related to it.

And yes, despite my short hair and unisex drawing style, I'm most surely female. Love of pink, hopeless romantic, seeking a good husband and all that crap.

I do like people, even if I come across otherwise at times. I just tend to get caught up in the motions and get tired easily. Don't be afraid to say "hi!"

Jeremiah 1:5-8

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